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Huge collection of free font resources. Download free fonts and enjoy!
Collection of 20 Pinterest boards with different Photoshop tutorials. Enjoy!
This post was inspired by the awesome Despicable Me cartoon. I adore these minions! They are so cute and funny. Below you'll find some cool tutorials on how to create a minion character in Photoshop and Illustrator.
Only a lazy blogger didn't post about responsive design. Internet is full of tutorials, articles, guides on how to create a responsive design. But what if you still can't design an adaptive website? What if you don't know where to start? Can't choose the best tutorial for yourself?
Summer is a good time to make a deluge of vibrant and colorful photos. There are so many bright and juicy colors out there! Inspiration is literally everywhere! The only thing you should do is grab your camera and take some awesome pictures of all this beauty :)
Everybody knows that less is more. Simplicity is the key to success and flat design is a proof of that. From today on, you should forget about 3d effects, textures and gradients in your design. Only simple shapes, intuitive navigation and contrasting colors!
Parallax scrolling is a mainstream today! Find some web design inspiration in this post and enjoy the high level of usability of all these parallax websites.
Are you ready to celebrate Father's day? ther is the main person in our life. He helps us to make the first step. He teaches us to play football, fishing, skiing... he teaches us to do all the things which make our childhood happy. Father helps to do our homework. He kills all spiders and monsters. He is the best!
Collection of inspiring surfing photography examples.
One way to save time as a web designer is using freebies. But there is one problem: now the Internet is flooded with all sorts of files. On one hand, you save the time spent on designing graphic elements, but you still have to waste time on checking all those more or less relevant links in your search results while searching for perfect freebies