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This is a simple tutorial that show some important tips to smooth skin and make the background off-focus. The techniques are very useful and applicable to most model photographs.
This tutorial will descover you a simple list of methods to optimize Photoshop on our computer.
Often we are unable to turn a photograph into a realistic watercolor painting by simply using the default watercolor filter in Photoshop. This tutorial provide another method of achieving that classic effect.
Editor's Pick of May, 2010
Caricature alike photo montage technique that will let you create some hilarious compositions by just applying a few easy to perform manipulations.
Editor's Pick of April, 2010
Check out these ideas on creating smart web design with the one-click usability-oriented browsing for the online periodicals.
This tutorial will demonstrate how we can create cool energy lines using some simple transformation tools and filters in Photoshop CS3.
Editor's Pick of March, 2010
This tutorial would be quite helpful and idea provoking in case you are working on a characterized web design for car related resource.
Found an excellent Photoshop Action, created by Night Fate, that I wish to find a chance to use it. I will make a simple photo-manipulated mythical scene here, and apply the action at the end to enhance the entire feel.
Editor's Pick of March, 2010
Truly eye-catching artwork made of image collage, custom vector sets and brushes. An idea provoking tutorial for music and club related web design creation.
Editor's Pick of March, 2010
A photo collage tutorial thatll teach you how to create an awesome visual composition thatll help you to relax during short breaks by just looking at it.