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Inspired by a car I saw on my way to work. This simple tutorial will focus on using Warp Transform tool to wrap patterns around your favorite car.
Create some awesome lighting effects and smoke in Photoshop with its blending modes and filters.
A simple tutorial to show how we can make use of the RGB channels to extract the yellow flames from an image.
Ever thought of creating your own metallic-looking Transformers logo? This tutorial will show how you can do it with Photoshop.
This tutorial will demonstrate the use of different settings in Brush palette to create a piece of modern abstract art.
This tutorial will cover how we can create a fairytale scene with Photoshop in a few easy steps.
Editor's Pick of November, 2009
Behold a Photoshop drawing tutorial that'll help you learn some great techniques while raising the festive mood up and getting you ready for X-mas celebration in a virtual world.
Editor's Pick of November, 2009
Digital art inspired by nature is indeed worth admiration. This easy-to-follow lesson is sure to trigger you to experiment with photos and make them look different.
Editor's Pick of November, 2009
Music related web design would require some appropriate graphics and elements. Learn how to draw a high-definition image of a speaker you can use in your project.
Editor's Pick of November, 2009
While tuning up web design for the upcoming holiday season you might find this tutorial really useful as the final outcome is nothing but the graphical embodiment of sincere fun and joy.