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This tutorial mainly focus on the usage of Pen tool and doing simple halftone effects.
You may have seen some cool photography portfolios with those borders that will resize automatically according to the image size. Here is how it is done.
Let's check out the common methods for extracting subjects out of their backgrounds.
Editor's Pick of January, 2009
While working on a web design for a gamers site this Photoshop tutorial can be easily used as a source of ideas and inspiration.
An easy and great way to apply own camouflage dress to any character that you want to!
One reader suggested that I should post a nuclear explosion effect, something like the one we saw in Heroes. So here is my attempt!
Editor's Pick of January, 2009
Combine features of Photoshop and Illustrator to come up with a beautiful piece of 2-color design work with wavy scanlines.
This tutorial will walk you through how to make a floating island with the composition of several images.
Create an iPhone with a few basic shapes. Finally iPhone is going to be released in Singapore this Friday! Hope it will not be too expensive...
This tutorial will show how to apply colorful gradient effects over an image by using its alpha channel.