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For many business owners, maintaining their Instagram profile brings absolutely no results. They do a couple of things, such as:

They even hire an SMM manager but to no avail. Periodically, they post on social networks and run paid ads but don't get any serious impact on sales.

To avoid this, you must understand the basics of marketing and SEO and study the algorithms of social networks. But not everything is as complicated as it might seem at first glance. First, let's discuss what content marketing is and how it can help your business.

Content that matters

This type of promotion on social media networks is a step-by-step daily communication with customers directly through what you write, say, and photographs. Its main tasks are to lead the client to your goal through publications, make him more loyal, increase sales and increase the number of requests for purchase through direct. All these actions can be done by publishing the right content and employing modern AI-driven instruments, like Instagram profile picture download, various bots, and automation tools. By the way, save Instagram profile picture viewer by Toolzu in bookmarks for quick access.

To succeed, you need a social media strategy. Set a goal, such as reducing the cost of a lead (due to a positive reputation, you can spend less money on advertising). Useful content allows the target audience to better understand the company and the product. If your Instagram is fascinating, this will increase the number of clicks to the site: it will receive additional traffic, which will positively affect SEO promotion. The second goal is to find out the audience's needs: you can understand what is interesting to readers, their needs, and "pains." Deep knowledge of the audience will help to strengthen any promotion strategy. Promotion through content marketing without reference to the target audience is impossible.

It is also important to study competitors and their content. You can see what others are posting, what content prevails, what frequency of posts, etc. Having studied the promoted groups of competitors, you can understand the direction of developing your accounts. It is significant to constantly experiment and analyze readers' reactions to offer something relevant. To keep attention, publications should be diverse and have a different focus.

Instagram and search optimization

This social network has long become a convenient, simple, and cool tool for business. And the latest marketing research shows that the ability to buy goods directly in the feed has increased traffic dozens of times. Let's figure out how to create an organic promotion for your social media page or store page.

Search SEO website optimization is an understandable algorithm that requires time, labor, and financial investments, but this strategy will bring its results after a certain time. Many companies forget that optimization can and should also be utilized for almost any page on a social network.

Here are eight keys to successfully promoting your account on any social network:

  1. Open profile. Check your account, its privacy, and accessibility settings.
  2. Page name optimization. The name of your page can be compared with the H1 heading and title of the site page. Your name will work as a "keyword" for searches, both on Instagram and outside it on the World Wide Web.
  3. Nickname optimization. It also works like your name. That is, what you write after @. Here you can add your name, industry, and location. Consider how the user will search for you.
  4. Google My Business. If you or your company has a website, you have probably put all your social media profiles there. In addition, you should also indicate the Instagram page in the My Business profile.
  5. Photo optimization. Your images must be unique. The search engine algorithms should understand what is shown in the photo. Modern neural networks can evaluate the content of the image. Give the correct name to the file. Search engines take into account the content and uniqueness of the photo and its title. Of course, the pictures must be of high quality. Published images must be taken with a good camera and properly processed. The fact is that search engines consider photos with higher quality to be more relevant and increase their positions in the search results that are shown to the user.
  6. ALT text. Alternative text is intended for visually impaired people. But thanks to this text, your photos will be able to live outside the social network. You can add it in two ways. Go to the advanced settings section in the boot menu and select the Alt text item there. Or you can also add to an already published photo – in the editing mode, and the ALT text icon will appear directly on the photo.
  7. #hashtags Users are already accustomed to tags and often look for the necessary query. It's important to include tags that are specific to you. The allowed number is up to 30 hashtags at the same time.
  8. Interactions. The more often your account is mentioned by other users (both in photos and in stories), the more trusted search algorithms treat you. Especially if other large accounts mention you.

To increase the conversion of an Instagram account, it is significant to promote it within the social network and in search engines. This is especially essential while others do not yet know about it. And most importantly, don't stop. Social media loves consistency. You need to post Stories daily to keep your activity levels high. Posting something from case to a case will not work. Promoting on Instagram is not a hobby or entertainment for teenagers; it is a full-time job that should be taken seriously. Every day, competition in each niche grows, and it is more difficult for new companies to win customers. But the game is worth the candle, and your efforts will pay off.

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