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In this tutorial you will learn how to create favicon.ico file in Photoshop CS5
In this tutorial you'll learn how to construct detailed textures and create dramatic lighting effects to make your own planet, all in Photoshop!
Take a look at this awesome Photoshop tutorial on how to create social media icons
With this Photoshop tutorial you are going to learn how to create a graphical template for your portfolio.
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In this tutorial you will learn how to create engraved metal text effect
A useful variety of free fonts that differ in their forms, size and practical meaning, being able to make your work original and unique one and to create a special atmosphere by means of word form united with a word meaning
I would like to offer you 10 Business templates that differ in their design, styles and usage purpose, but you will surely like them. They are made with the implementation of a wide color range - from grey and restrained colors to fresh green and rich violet, being able to meet various demands and requirements and to reflect your business nature in a proper way.
In this tutorial you will learn how to create water text effect
DDesign a super slick cub poster using basic Photoshop tools. Enjoy this simply and usefull tutorial!
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