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Photo EditingPhoto Editing is fun and useful thing to know. Learn how to improve your photos efficiently, say edit red eyes in a second, or add various impressive effects to create an entirely new image. Master Photoshop tools, if the above is not enough motivation for you to browse this category.
Everyone loves photo effects, especially those that are super easy to create and really transform your photos. Today we're going to take a look at retouching a photo to create a cool cinematic movie effect with high contrast and blueish tones.
In this tutorial you'll learn 7 secrets to retouching success
In this tutorial you will learn hoe to create pixelated portrait effect
In this tutorial you will learn how to create sex cyborg
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Create a smoke text effect using Photoshop's non-destructive tools. this is easy to follow tutorial with amazing final result!
This tutorial will show you how to perform skin retouching skillfully and quickly.
In this tutorial you'll learn how to construct detailed textures and create dramatic lighting effects to make your own planet, all in Photoshop!
DDesign a super slick cub poster using basic Photoshop tools. Enjoy this simply and usefull tutorial!
Today we would like to present you this amazing and gorgeous tutorial on how to create a bird of paradise look.
Amazing realistic photo manipulation which shows how to create a living museum in Photoshop CS4