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Photo EditingPhoto Editing is fun and useful thing to know. Learn how to improve your photos efficiently, say edit red eyes in a second, or add various impressive effects to create an entirely new image. Master Photoshop tools, if the above is not enough motivation for you to browse this category.
Everyone dreams... what do you say when the dreams come true ? In this tutorial you will see how to create a beautiful fantasy manipulation: When the Dreams Come True
This is amazing Halloween tutorial. We'll create photomanipulation Night of Spells with a beautiful witch. So trick or treat?
Make a beautiful artwork with nicely colored lights by using stock images and different brushes.
Merge a photo of a beautiful nude girl with a flowers to make a very interesting concept.
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In this tutorial you will create retro vintage WWII style poster.
Combine the charm of a traditional art and trendy photo manipulation techniques to come up with a stunning visual composition.
In this tutorial you will learn to turn an image into an old photo using this technique.
In this tutorial YOU WILL LEARN how to take a picture of poor STANS run down record store and turn it into a cool evening image complete with animated neon lights using Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Make a glamour and somewhat bold artistic photo montage of a female model. Hue and Saturation adjustment techniques are covered and explained.
In this video tutorial you'll see how to convert a photo into an artistic black and white in Lightroom.