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Here will show how we can transform a photo into a chinese painting with the help of a few oriental elements.
Editor's Pick of October, 2009
Combine the mysteriousness and beauty of a human face with the power of the written word to come up with a deep mesmerizing visual effect.
This tutorial will show how we can achieve a face shattering effect with some simple techniques in combination with layers and blending modes.
This tutorial will mainly cover how to create the mood that we often see in action movies with some simple techniques.
Often we see those kind of cool matrix text effects in some flash sites. Here I will show how they are done.
<span>Editor's Pick of September, 2009</span><br />A photoshop tutorial on how to mix filters and blending methods and come up with fascinating flame-coloured letters that are sure to attract attention.
In this tutorial, I will show the steps for a movieclip to detect the direction of the mouse cursor.
One of the most common effect in flash is the easing effect during movements. Check out how it is done here.
In this tutorial, we will try to mimic the nice abstract preview that Axeraider70 made for his Ultimate Brush Pack 3. Hope this will give the beginners a better idea on how to use these great resources.
This tutorial will show the basic methods used to create a web interface with sport car images. You can do the same with motor bikes or even trucks images!