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Editor's Pick of September, 2009
Behold an explained creation of a digital artwork illustrating the creative perception of music, dancing and painting.
This tutorial will mainly cover how we can create simple grunge effects by using displacement maps. And also using several stock images to form up a colorful rock poster.
Several friends asked about how to create a Flash movie that can takes up all the space in the browser. So this is how it goes.
I wrote this simple tutorial after inspired by the Mitdarchitec_ure poster designed by The Designers Republic. It covers some Photoshop basics and is suitable for the beginners.
Here shows how we can create a large troop of archers without duplicating too many layers. Check out how it is done by repeating transformations.
Editor's Pick of August, 2009
A fabulous make-up technique to get mysterious and seductive images of womans eyes. Explore the way to make your web design more feminine.
This tutorial basically covers some simple tricks and techniques for beginners to start off.
Editor's Pick of August, 2009
A simple Photoshop Brushes and Blend Modes manipulation can result as a disco style background for your web design layout or a banner.
This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a piece of pixel art by tracing an image with Pen and Pencil tools. It is actually an experiment I have done and will like to share with everyone.
Here is a tutorial showing how to make a 3D abstract art easily. Hope you guys will find this useful.