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Merge a photo of a beautiful nude girl with a flowers to make a very interesting concept.
In this tutorial you will create retro vintage WWII style poster.
Combine the charm of a traditional art and trendy photo manipulation techniques to come up with a stunning visual composition.
Changing individual portions of an image by using the selective color tools.
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Using the color balance adjustment layer to adjust colors in images.
Using the color range tool in Photoshop to make accurate, local changes in your images
This tutorial will show you a few techniques introducing you to animation in Photoshop
Editor's Pick in 3D MAx Tutorials
Exterior Scenes in 3d Max by using adjustment layers and vignetting effect. It can be used to draw attention by framing the center of the image.
In this tutorial you will learn the basics of animating in Adobe Photoshop
In this tutorial you will learn how to remove red eye in Photoshop CS4