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Editor's Pick in Web Programming, September 2006
This article helps you to create a Contact form on your website. Every bit of the script is presented with easy to read instructions.
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to customize near enough everything about your lists. This is not as hard as it may sound, the hardest thing is deciding when to stop customizing!
The code for using an image as a background is: background-image: url(image.gif);, remember to change the location to include the image you will be using, E.G url(images/image.gif);
Editor's Pick in Web Programming, August 2005
This very helpful tutorial makes it much easier to make changes throughout your entire website. It is easy to follow and has plenty of code.
The best way to describe these to you is to just to show you examples, so with the best example possible I will begin, in your CSS file use this code:
For links there are 4 different options which you may already know, you have the standard link colour, you have the colour of the link when the mouse passes over it, you have the colour of the link once it has been clicked and you have the colour of an active link (while you have pressed the mouse o...
As you can probably tell from the name this means having an external file and then linking to it from your page so you don't have all that code in your head tags in every single page. This is a lot easier than it may seem, first of all open notepad and copy the following code:
This tutorial was written by one of the great guys at HTMLForums. I read through this tutorial myself and found it to be very useful and easy to understand.
I know many people have wondered how to center their content both horizontally and vertically but never managed to find a solution on how to do this using CSS. I have seen people use tables to accomplish this, in this tutorial I will show you how it can be done.
This useful bit of code enables you to have links on your page which will let the user turn off your stylesheet.
This will mean the user will see your page without any CSS formatting whatsoever.