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You may have seen on some sites they have login forms with a checkbox underneath saying 'Remember Me' and when ticked it does something magic ... when you go back to the page it does remember you ... but how? Easy!
Cookies : A collection of information, usually including a username and the current date and time, stored on the local computer of a person using the World Wide Web, used chiefly by websites to identify users who have previously registered or visited the site.
iframe code is used more and more frequently around the internet, one of the most frequent problems is that Iframes aren't used correctly. I have written this tutorial to hopefully teach you how not to make any mistakes when it comes to using these quickly growing alternatives to frames....
What does PHP stand for? <br/> PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is used for background programming for web sites.
Creating lists to show information are sometimes essential, there are many types of lists and many more ways in which you can edit them. Here are some of the types of lists you can create.
There are many things to take into consideration when creating a form, you want to make it match your site as much as you possibly can. This can be done using CSS and some HTML tags that you may not already know.
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a nice simple guestbook, I will be using PHP and MySQL for this.
It is as easy as it sounds, but it's an easy effect that looks good with the correct fonts. Playing around I found that script type fonts work the best for this.
To start, create a new image, I made mine 200x400 pixels (WxH). You can choose any background colour you like, I went for a nice lig...
To start with you need to have Phososhop open, do this by double clicking on the PS icon on your desktop or by clicking the icon in the programs start menu.
Here we have the image were going to be splicing. It is a *.gif file with the dimensions 200x200 pixels.
To start with, create a new image with the dimensions 4x4 pixels using a transparent background. Once open, zoom in as far as you can go (1600%), select the pencil tool and set the thickness to 1 pixel, create a square in the center of the new image making sure that you do not fill the whole...