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His version features a few more colour schemes aswell as using cookies to store a users choice of theme. The script grabs the cookies and reads which theme the user has chosen and switches the stylesheet instantly.
Editor's Pick in PHP Tutorials, August 2006
This tutorial is an easy approach to switching your stylesheets faster. The scripts are provided in easy to read graphics.
A lot of people have wanted to make 3 column CSS layouts but have always managed to run into problems ... like I did the first time I tried. With this tutorial I hope to show you how you can overcome the problems of liquid layouts to create your very own liquid layout which will fit into the screen ...
This small guide aims to take the standard output from the PHP function highlight_string() and make it completely valid XHTML 1.0 Strict.
Editor's Pick in JavaScript Tutorials, August 2006
This tutorial is a well laid out recipe for basic Javascript. The article is brief and is limited to three topics: Calling the Script, Writing Comments, and Doing Stuff (Basic). Illustrations make it easy.
Following on from my first tutorial of introduction to cookies, this tutorial shows you how to set multiple cookies. Setting multiple cookies can come in handy if you wish to store more than one piece of information about a user, such as Username & Password for example.
This will allow you to create a script that will count the amount of times a certain link has been clicked and display the results on your page.
In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create forms, which are a great way to collect feedback from your site or if your creating a guestbook. FYI, HTML on it's own cannot create these, this is just the client side part (the forms), creating feedback forms or a guestbook would need to help ...
Editor's Pick in Web Programming, August 2006
This is an awesome tutorial that will show you step by step how to create a way to take a poll on your site. People for the most part enjoy participating in polls so this could also help you bring extra traffic to your site.
Framesets are not recommended if you want search engines to be able to read the content within your site, used well these can look nice but you probably won't get good search engine rankings.