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To start off we need to use a basic list code. I have wrapped the list up inside a div because it makes it a lot easier to customize the entire list.
This useful bit of code enables you to have links on your page which will let the user turn off your stylesheet.
This will mean the user will see your page without any CSS formatting whatsoever.
noticed a flaw with my original JavaScript drop down menu regarding customization using CSS. The problem was this; the LI elements below the #div's that were hidden didn't conform to their own CSS customization and stuck with the rules of the above LI's.
This tutorial will show you how to make a nice looking drop down menu. One click makes a submenu appear and clicking it again hides it. Sound good?
Hit counters are used to track the amount of visitors there have been to a cetain page. I have looked through the internet and I have come up with 2 different ways to produce a hit counter.
When adding padding to a tag using CSS you sometimes see people who list all measurements together. E.G.
On some sites when you see a scrollbar inside a table cell maybe you think they have an inline frame inside the cell, well this can be achieved by using a div using the CSS overflow attribute. The only downside to using this is that you can't change the content inside the cell without changing your...
This piece of code was asked for over at Weborum, it adds a pretty good effect to any bullet images (lists) you may already have on your site and is very easy to do.
The way to turn a table cell into a link is to apply a class to a link and to insert the link inside cell, here is the CSS:
This is another SSI tutorial written by a friend, it shows another way of looking at SSI and also shows you some new tricks and tips.