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  Web Design Basics (232 materials)
Photoshop actions are an awesome tool that help designers and photographers to save their time. Sometimes one action is equivalent to 15 movements in Photoshop. So why not to use this awesome build-in Photoshop function?
Only a lazy blogger didn't post about responsive design. Internet is full of tutorials, articles, guides on how to create a responsive design. But what if you still can't design an adaptive website? What if you don't know where to start? Can't choose the best tutorial for yourself?
Website Usability Checklist. In this article you'll find amazing website usability tips that will help you to create stunning websites.
Responsive Web Design 101: all you need to know about responsive web design: what is it? how to create? and the Benefits of responsive web design
Web design is a field that's constantly changing and being updated because it's so dynamic. Every year, new trends in the field pop up, sometimes because someone has an inventive idea that catches fire or because an old need finally gets addressed. In any case, web design is always in flux, which is what makes it so exciting
No web designer ever starts out with the intention to create a website that's burdened by mistake after mistake. However, good intentions never ensure success, which is why many websites all over the Internet are plagued by web design errors that simply repulse site visitors from ever coming back...and with good reason!
Collection of 100 free textures for your own usage. Freebies is the best present for every designer :)
Your website is a front door of your company, the place of your visitor's first impressions. That's why you should create a website for your business that demonstrates your company's motto, passion, and customer service skills.
It's no secret that Words are powerful! In the Net words are the main tool for communication with your customers and readers. And typography is a cool way to skyrocket the mojo of your site!
Awesome collection of free fonts for your own usage is here! Scroll down!