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In this article I'll show you how to make the realistic scars on your photo
Boobjobs are so expensive... so I've been told. With this photox-method now YOU or a friend can have the chest you want. Just with the click of a mouse. Well, maybe not 1 click, but at least it's cheaper and faster.
Recreate the effect that was used in some of the StarWars-movies where we see the ghost of a dead person talking to the protagonists. It's a very easy tutorial that will teach you how to do this photomanipulation.
Create the NFL Logo.
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This tutorial works really well for anyone into photo manipulation because in this tutorial we are going to take a photograph with a white background and turn it into a transparent background without having to trace all around the object with the pen tool.
Learn how to make a tabbed navigation using lists.
How to create different eyes effects
Make animated spinning wheels in flash!
Learn how to install and use downloaded fonts and brushes.
In this tutorial I will teach you how to add a moustache to a picture and make to make it look as real as possible.